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Pilates is a Multicomponent Physical Activity that combines Resistance Training, Stretching, Aerobic conditioning, Balance and Coordination. The resistance is provided by your own body weight and by springs. There is nothing mysterious or profound about it. The same principles that govern resistance training, stretching and Aerobic conditioning apply. Namely, specificity, progressive overload, terminalzation and patience. In addition proper alignment must be maintained while executiing the movements. Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates and evolved in the dance community. As a result, there is a misconception that Pilates is not for everyone. Rest assured it is. The Pilates Essentials program is a scientific, evidence-based approach to the Pilates Method of fitness training, with certain additions, omissions and modification to create a safe, effective and efficient workout that excludes redundancies and contraindications.

The Pilates Essentials program was developed by Victor Wilson, a third-generation classically trained teacher in the lineage of Ron Fletcher and Diane Diefenderfer. All Pilates Essentials instructors have been personally trained or evaluated by him. Victor has been a Personal Trainer for over 21 years and has decades of experience teaching Yoga, Tai Chi, Capoeira and Athletics. He has been teaching Pilates for over seventeen years and has a Master of Science degree in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics and a Master of Arts degree in Gerontology. He specializes in sports performance, injury prevention, healthy aging and rehabilitation. Victor is also a world class Track and Field athlete. He represented Trinidad and Tobago in the 100 meters dash at the World Masters Olympics in 2011. He was the silver medalist at the 2023 California Senior Games in the 50 meters dash, and won the 2023 Nevada Senior Games State Championships at 200 meters. Victor credits Pilates for the postural awareness and control needed to perform at a high level.

Research has shown that Pilates improves strength, stamina, flexibility, postural awareness, postural control, balance, coordination, pain, disability, low back pain, sugar and LDL-C in Diabetics and trunk proprioception. It also improves sexual function and Incontinence; two of many other benefits yet to be studied.

The guiding principles of Pilates include Concentration, Centering, Control, Precision, Breath and Flow.

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